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Bentonville, AR
Charter, Guide, and
Shuttle Service


Maximizes your trail time and get the most out of your OZ Trail Experience

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Experience Like No Other

Memories, that is what mountain biking experiences is all about. Add to those memories with a Shore Line Shuttle Ride.

Taking a ride with us will certainly produce some amazing photos and memories of your trip to OZ Trails.

Ride Dirt, Not Pavement

Hitting all the "Must See" areas in the Bentonville area can be tough. Especially when you factor in there is new stuff being opened every day here. Loading up bikes, logistics, safety, and lack of parking all add to complexity of your trip. Remove all that stress from your day and ride with us. We will tailor the locations to your groups ability and make certain you are all smiles. Not sure where to go? Add a guide to the service for the ultimate expereince.

Maximize your OZ Trails Experience

Can you ride Slaughter Pen and Coler Bike Park all in the same day? YES! By taking the shuttle you can easily ride both systems and MORE! Maximize your experience on the OZ Trails. Now you can easily hit both trail systems in one day and have more time to ride other trails in the OZ network.Make sure you select the guided service if you want the very best experience.

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About Us

Mountain Biking. It means something different to everyone. From a life changing choice you made to improve your health, time spent connecting with family and friends, personal challenges and breaking barriers, to stress relief. You have your own meaning and we have heard all the stories and they are our own as well.

I have a deep passion to make a place better than I found it. Having taken several trips and led groups to Bentonville riding  OZ Trails, I often found myself wishing there was a way to take the logistics and stress out of our experience and maximize the trail time. We often had to choose what to ride and inevitably some "Must Ride" trails fell off the list. Having moved here permanently, I started this shuttle to serve the community and my fellow riders. One shuttle at a time, we are making the mountain biking experience just a little better and that is a huge win in my book. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support.

Each year, a portion of the revenues are donated to the local OZ Trail organizations and groups that build and maintain these trails. I believe it is of utmost importance to give back and do our part in supporting these groups.

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